Energy Behavior Analysis

It's FREE and our innovative way of getting to know you - the customer. We know an energy solution can only really save you money, be available, and clean when working with weak grid and offgrid customers when you really know who you're dealing with. That's where we start each relationship. A member of our field team will visit your facility or residence, install our metering solution to generate a load profile, and make empirical observations over time which when combined helps us design an optimal solution for you today and over time

Long Term Service 

Ever felt like you were all alone with your current distributed energy solution for your home or office? We know the feeling. With APS, we don't just install, we service you for the long haul. By studying your energy behavior for a period of time before installation, we optimize the installed solution thus minimizing service needs and costs, but we deploy our service team continuously to monitor whats happening with your installation so we can catch problems before you do and always be there to service those problems or proavtively help you evolve your energy solutions to meet evolving needs. 



We match your project with one of our certified installers to ensure an efficient, affordable, smooth, and reliable installation of your clean energy solution. Our clean energy solar solutions (which typically include high efficiency solar panels, optimized battery storage solutions, smart inverters, balance of system equipment) come with monitoring solutions to ensure long term proactive service.