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Our Customers - Producing Consumers of Electricity in Africa that typically use diesel generation as a primary source of power due to weak, or unavailable national grids - we call them Prosumers.

Our Values - Aspire strives to embody openness, integrity, and innovation. In serving our customers and collaborating with team members, we hold one another accountable to our culture of creativity, humility, and continuous learning. By living these values we aspire to maximize our individual and collective impact.

Mission - Aspire Power Solutions provides Africans a better energy experience through affordable, reliable, and trusted service.

Vision - Through innovations in customer experience, financing and intelligent technology, Aspire is enabling an efficient prosumer network, protecting the environment, and improving air quality by building the world’s most interconnected Distributed Energy Utility

Nigerians consume billions of liters of diesel annually at almost 5 pounds of CO2 released in every liter. It’s the largest diesel generator market in the world. It’s expensive, one of the greatest sources of global CO2 emissions, and is dangerous due to the adverse effects of diesel based air pollution. Aspire is developing a Distributed Energy Utility that integrates clean energy solutions such as Solar with intermittent but affordable grid electricity to form Nanogrids and Microgrids that provide Africans starting in Nigeria, cleaner, more affordable and healthier on demand power.