Nigerians consume billions of liters of diesel annually at almost 5 pounds of CO2 released in every liter. It’s the largest diesel generator market in the world. It’s expensive, one of the greatest sources of global CO2 emissions, and is dangerous due to the adverse effects of diesel based air pollution. Aspire is developing a Distributed Energy Utility that integrates clean energy solutions such as Solar with intermittent but affordable grid electricity to form Nanogrids and Microgrids that provide Africans starting in Nigeria, cleaner, more affordable and healthier on demand power. Aspire is an agent of change in a world needing to dramatically decarbonize by limiting the increase in global average temperatures to 1.5 °C. As an investor or stakeholder in Aspire, your are part of an IoT, technology enabled, distributed infrastructure venture that will usher Africans into an era of more affordable, cleaner energy consumption. We‘re doing our part to ensure planet earth remains home. Please get in touch to learn how you can help too


Aspire is a commercial platform that achieves its social objectives through commercially viable business models. Aspire operates clean tech decentralized power infrastructure to merge behind the meter solar, storage, and gas to power systems with the grid to provide Africans round the clock, more sustainable power. We earn money by financing or charging a service fee for the cleaner energy produced by the assets we install and manage over the long term. By developing its Distributed Energy Utility model, Aspire will rapidly invest in and enable the expansion of a more intelligent, more resilient power grid that ensures Africans gain access to better energy experiences that are decarbonized and positioned to power Africa’s future. Please get in touch with us tor learn how you can support this movement.




Aspire is building and will operate a 180kWp Solar Hybrid Solution that will eliminate the consumption of 188,000 liters of diesel fuel at a recycling plant that converts plastic bottles from vast areas of Nigeria for reuse in new plastics. Aspire will also eventually support the expansion of the grid into the factory. By investing in this power solution for the recycling plant, Aspire is achieving a 3x impact on the environment and economy by eliminating unnecessary carbon emissions and the filtering of plastics into our global water ways while also enhancing the end user’s bottom line.


We are what we eat, but perhaps what is equally important is how we secure the food we eat. Nigeria’s local agriculture industry is a staple of its economy contributing an average of over 20% of the country’s $400 Billion GDP. Even still, much of the country’s important food sources, fruits and vegetables are imported. With the government seeking to encourage local farming and production, Aspire is developing and looking to invest in a multi year Integrated Power as a Service project alongside one one of Nigeria’s premiere Investment groups to support operations of a farm that will produce important vegetables and fruits for local consumption. The farm will be supported by Aspire’s solar, storage and multi year grid integration project over the next 20+ years. This farm and others like this will increase Nigeria’s GDP while also eliminating the carbon emissions associated with the global value chains that ship, truck and import food resources into arable land rich countries such as Nigeria. We certainly are what we eat.

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