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The future of energy is SOLAR HYBRID
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Since 2016, Aspire has been designing, installing, and managing Solar Hybrid and Back Up Power Solutions serving more than 500 power consumers across Nigeria. Aspire integrates Solar energy with base load power generator such as Diesel Generators or Gas Engines to meet power decentralized power needs of any size. From as small as a Small Solar Homes System for a Barbershop to a Microgrid for an Industrial Park, Aspire has the experience and expertise to deliver better energy experiences to consumers across Africa. That’s not all. Aspire also helps Prosumers trouble shoot power challenges and connect you to the best professionals to solve it. If we can’t solve it, we’ll find the right people who can. It’s all about helping you find better energy experiences. Find your power solution now


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Features Overview


Project Development, Design & Optimization

We take a data driven approach to developing or finding the right power solution for your specific needs. Try our custom solar design tool by clicking the learn more link


Financial Solutions

Aspire believes everyone should gain access to better energy experiences. That’s why we offer a range of financial solutions to enable this for your home, business, or community.



Africans are seeking ‘better energy experiences’. We can help with that. Power Solutions need to be monitored, managed, and evolved to enable the experiences their users seek. Go Aspire - rest easy.