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Democratizing Energy For You

Too many in developing countries rely on expensive, dirty, noisy, and unreliable sources of energy to power their lifestyles and operations. At APS, we give you the 'Power to Be' the best version of you by analyzing and learning your energy behavior; designing, installing, and managing clean energy solutions to optimize that behavior over the long haul thus continuously ensuring the affordability, availability, and cleanliness of your energy foot print.



Energy Behavior
Analysis (EBA)

All EBA's are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.



Aspire studied my energy generation and consumption patterns, gaining an accuarate understanding of my energy profile. With this, APS was able to build an optimized energy solution for me, modifying the way I consume and generate electricity thus saving me money, making access to electricity more predictable, and cleaner. I look forward to a longterm relationship with APS as my energy needs evolve
— Sola Ade
I ‘better’ pass my neighbor - again! Thanks APS team, my solar hybrid solution works great and I’m really saving money given the behavioral adjustments I made.
— Tunde Ashebu



APS is committed to providing you an optimized electrcity generation and behavioral solution today and for the long term. We don't install and walk away. We optimize your electrcity profile over the longterm giving you the 'Power To Be' the best version of you



About APS

The PoWER to Be

APS was born out of a realiziation that those in developing countries will need to continue being Prosumers of electricity (Producing Consumers) for the long term due to weak, non existent, or inefficient grids common place across the continent. APS takes an analytics, technology, and long term service driven approach to ensuring these Prosumers don't walk alone. We optimize your electrcity profile over time to give you the 'Power To Be'.