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Since 2016, Aspire has been designing, installing, and managing Solar Hybrid Power and Back Up Power Solutions serving more than 500 power consumers across Nigeria. As a Distributed Energy Utility, Aspire integrates Solar energy with grid electricity to provide Nigerians and Africans affordable on demand power while minimizing emissions, noise, and the health impacts of running diesel generators for more than 12 hours per day. From as small as a Small Solar Home System for a Barbershop to a Microgrid for an Industrial Park or Community, Aspire has the experience and expertise to deliver better energy experiences to consumers across Africa starting in Nigeria. It’s helpful to know that retail consumers in Nigeria spend more than $12 Billion per year fueling diesel generators - more than 3% of the country’s GDP, and when combined with the Commercial and Industrial customers and estates, its over 7% of GDP. That’s billions of liters of diesel each year with 5 Pounds of CO2 emissions locked in each one. Aspire can help transition millions to more affordable, cleaner energy mixes that protect the planet and enable the developing economies of Nigeria and other African nations to scale economic and social development. Find your power solution now


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What We Do


Retail Solar Hybrid Solutions

We design, install, and finance solar and storage solutions for families, Micro-Small to Medium Sized Enterprises and support these consumers with long-term remote support and adapt our solutions as their needs evolve. By doing so we hope to save families and small enterprises billions of dollars annually in money wasted on diesel fuel and instead enable them to recycle this capital back into scaling their families and businesses while reducing CO2 emissions, air and noise pollution.


Commercial, Industrial, Estates

Aspire believes for Nigeria to scale economic and social impact, large commercials will need to gain access to more affordable, cleaner, healthier, and on demand power solutions. Aspire works with these customers to design, develop and operate Solar Hybrid Solutions that combine solar, storage, grid electricity and eventually gas to power to provide our customers one unified cost of electricity and cleaner, more affordable, and trusted energy experience - ‘a better energy experiences starts here’


Energy Management

Aspire has implemented energy efficiency programs for some of Nigeria’s largest companies, farms, estates, and consumers saving more than $30,000. At Aspire, we believe the cleanest, healthiest, and most affordable unit of energy is the one that is either never produced, or consumed, This means we start every project by gathering energy consumption data from our customers, analyzing this information, and designing plus implementing energy efficiency measures to drive savings,

Protect Your Planet

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Nigerians consume billions of liters of diesel annually at almost 5 pounds of CO2 released in every liter. It’s the largest diesel generator market in the world. By developing Solar, Storage, Gas to Power, and Grid Integration projects that enable the fulfillment of UN SDGs 7-14, Aspire is an agent of change in a world needing to dramatically decarbonize by limiting the increase in global average temperatures to 1.5 °C to ensure planet earth remains habitable and to avoid massive displacement of millions across climate vulnerable and poorer nations. As a stakeholder in Aspire, your are part of an IoT, technology enabled & distributed infrastructure venture that will usher Africans into an era of more affordable, cleaner energy consumption. We‘re doing our part to ensure planet earth remains home. Learn more about how you can get involved.